Transitioning to Fall

My absolute favorite season is Fall.  The colors are so pretty, and the aromas inspire comfort.  Plus there are pumpkins… EVERYWHERE!  🙂 Yes I am a huge fan of pumpkin everything.

As much as I love autumn, I am not a fan of hastening a season just because one is tired of the other season.  I get VERY annoyed when Walmart starts setting out Christmas trees in October.  Nope NOPE NOPE!!!!!  But that’s beside the point.

For years I dreaded the end of summer because my heart and mind were already in cooler weather with sweaters and hot chocolate, but… my body still sweats when it walks outside.  Thankfully, California taught me a beautiful and lovely transition.  Harvest Time!  More particularly grape harvest.  When I visited wine country during August and September (still hot months), the excitement and energy in the air was amazing!  It made the fact that fall was still not HERE better.  So much better.  🙂

So if you are not near wine country (which I am no longer, sadly), how do you celebrate the golden end of summer and grape harvest?  Here are my suggestions:

  • Last year (2015) Bath and Body Works released the PERFECT collection for Transition.  It was the Wine Country Corks and Vines.  It smelled amazing!  Thankfully, they kept a few of the fragrances for candles and hand soaps.  Wine Cellar Candle smell so much like the wine tasting caves in Napa.  So wonderful!  I encourage you to try it! And burn it until the beginning of Fall.  ;). They also have wonderful scents for their hands soaps. I bought Cherry Merlot and Pear Riesling today. 
  • Drink Wine… hehe.  Here’s a few good ones for the end of August
  • In OK, the evenings are rather pleasant, so sit outside and enjoy the cooling weather. If it is not there yet, it is coming!
  • Enjoy the beginning of football season!
  • Foods to enjoy:
    • Tomatoes (those fresh from the vine are not going to last much longer)
    • Stone fruits (oh yum!)
    • Blackberries (these seem like the quieter sister of blueberries.  Their richness adds to the richness of end of summer and harvest)
  • Oh and this seems counter productive, but… go to Bath and Body Works and get yourself some pumpkin candles.  They will be gone when it is time to burn them! (Sadly).

What are some of your favorite things about the end of summer?  How do you handle the transition to fall?

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