Yarn Along 26

Joining Ginny to discuss what we are knitting and reading.

Lately my projects are primarily being finished.  I am sssooo very close to finishing my Colors of Fall Meditate.  So close, it is almost painful to knit.

I have begun a swatch for a Gramps cardigan for my nephew. I have frogged it several times and still cannot get the numbers right.  :/  So, I continue to swatch one of the most annoying things to do as a knitter.

Reading wise, I am in the middle of the Real Time Read Along with Discovery of Witches.  The author, Deborah Harkness, is involved with the read along and keeps updating her blog and Facebook with tidbits of the location, her thoughts while writing the book, and fan art for the book.  I am enjoying it even more than I thought I would.  She did right a Read Along book available for ebooks, but honestly her updates and posts have added even more than in the extra ebook.  I highly recommend reading the book and joining in the Real Time Read Along.

I also am caught up with the Count of Monte Cristo done on CraftLit.  I have never been listening along when she posts the episodes.  The beginning was a bit slow for me, but I kept listening/reading it and am really enjoying everything now. It is one of my sister’s favorite books, so that was the main reason I kept listening even when I did not want to.  🙂

On a somewhat similar note, I bought my first pair of reading glasses.  Yep.  They are huge on my face and the hubby says I look like a 1960s nerd… and he likes it.  hehe.  But they prevent me from getting a headache when I read or am on my phone for long periods of time.


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