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Yarn Along 21

Written last week, however pictures weren’t taken. 😉 Joining Ginny today with reading and knitting. I just started a new audiobook.  Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood.  It is the inspiration of the Miss Fisher series I love so much.  I … Continue reading

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Tea Tasting

A fellow kindred spirit surprisingly gifted me with 6 new teas and a tea tin.  Just because she loves me.  🙂  Even though, I received this gift a few weeks ago, I have yet to have the time to sit … Continue reading

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Kitchen Skills: Skinning Peaches

I adore cooking and baking! Some of my happiest moments are in the kitchen; however, there are certain skills I shy away from because they scare me.  Julia Child would be sad, and some skills are so simple. Usually, when … Continue reading

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Five Things about June… 2016

I hope everyone had a lovely Fourth of July. We had a good time watching the fireworks from our patio and playing checkers of course I lost because I kept getting distracted. 😉 June was a bit daunting for me. … Continue reading

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What I am into… May 2016 (Better late than never)

I am starting early. (And posting late… Due to a recent surgery, I have not really been writing quite as much.  I plan to change this.) Since I struggle remembering exactly what I did each month at the end of the … Continue reading

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Yarn Along 20

Hello!!  Long time… I know.  Two weeks ago, I had an outpatient surgery, and since then I have been recovering.  Nothing major, but dang… Anesthesia kicked my butt.  I am still often tired and sleeping a lot.  Tomorrow I go … Continue reading

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Grilled Chicken Wings

As I mentioned before one of our favorite things to grill is chicken wings. These are NOTHING like BBW or Hooters (according to the hubby). They are BETTER!  I’m telling you; we went to BBW for a meal just after … Continue reading

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