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Stuff n’ Things 

I have not written here in a while, mostly because I cannot seem to sit down to write long posts or what exactly I want to say. But, I hate that this place gets a bit neglected. So here are … Continue reading

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Hello, Again.

July 1, 2015 Dear Friends, There are times in your life where all the tasks at hand are stalled.  Nothing can move forward.  My friends, this is one of those times for me. I have a list of probably three … Continue reading

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Farmers’ Market

Imagine a beautiful Saturday morning, walking around various tables with jeweled jam jars, rich candles, and homemade soaps. This Saturday I discovered my local farmer’s market. I knew the value of buying local ingredients and supporting my community; however, I … Continue reading

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This is the new “it” item of this year.  Several blogs and magazines I have read have huge articles on the uses of honey with many many recipes using it as the feature ingredient.  The beauty of honey is its … Continue reading

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Giada’s Blend, a Review

This post is veering off a little to the coffee side of hot beverages. I bought some coffee at the grocery store and thought it was something to blog about. On a side note, I am sipping from my new … Continue reading

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