What I Am Into… April 2016

Joining Leigh for monthly updates.

April felt like a full month.  There were some difficulties but some really wonderful things.  I guess I had unlimited tickets to the emotional rollercoaster.  Try as I might,  I feel myself swinging back and forth between happy and really sad.  Ug.  Neways.  I hold firmly to the belief that the really bad times only make the good times that much brighter.  (Ah this is similar to one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes. ;> )

Things that happened in April:

  • Patio Furniture
  • Swapped Cellular Service
  • A cousin got married (sadly we were unable to attend)
  • Swapped planners
  • Cardigan started and almost completed
  • Blue Apron trial (more on this later)
  • Lost Fountain pen (I lost one of my favorite pens at Walmart. :< )

So without much future ado… Here is what I’m into… 😉

Books I’ve Read

The Wife, the Maid, and the Mistress.  I wrote a little about it here after listening to the author talk with a favorite podcaster.  After a bit of processing, I can tell where my thoughts about the book pivoted.  I began identifying with the characters as the story progressed, but (this has slight spoilers, so skip this if you want…)

when the author describes a character dealing with infertility, she hit the nail on the head.  She described the emotions and thoughts tumbling around in the head of the character perfectly.  I have mentioned this before, but we are struggling with infertility.  It is so personal and painful that usually I cannot describe to other people who it feels.   If you are wondering, this book describes it well.

I really loved the book, and it inspired me to start a reading journal (more on this later).  I highly recommend it.  No… it is not a happy go-lucky book that I usually read, but it is very good.

Wicked Business.  This is a sequel to Wicked Appetite.  🙂 The author makes me laugh in such a good way.  I enjoy this read, and read it in three days.  I started the audiobook (CDs people) then got the kindle format from the library and finished it.  If you like something light hearted and funny, this is a series for you.

Books I’ve Started:

Furiously Happy.  This is a book I chose for a reading challenge. I am not doing so hot on the reading challenge, but it is helping me think outside my small box of books to read.  This book is hilarious.  The author is upfront about her mental illness and struggles, but the way she writes about it is so funny and refreshing.  And so encouraging.  I could not finish it because the library wanted it back, but I will purchase it from Amazon to continue.  So funny.  Belly laugh, tears rolling down the face, laughing about it later in the day funny.  🙂

The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap. I heard bout this book from a podcast (imagine that).  I have read about 1/3 of it.  So far, I have enjoyed reading a book about books and drank a lot of tea while reading it.  🙂

Foods I’ve Been Cooking

Grilled Food.  I love grilling out, and I just finished my first full tank of gas.  hehe.  My favorites lately are Mexican Chicken Bowl and Chicken wings.  Plus I have cooked several Stir Fries as well.

Blue Apron.  We cashed in our Blue Apron free box from my in-laws.  A review is soon to come.  🙂

I also made several things I saved from Pinterest for lunches.


This month was the Green Smoothie challenge. I have been pretty consistent with drink green smoothies at least 4 times a week.

Coffee.  I bought some French Roast and remembered why I drank so much of this in college.  So good!

Tea.  Still loving it.  🙂  I have even begun having tea on the porch.

Ok… I started writing this post in April.  And at least a week of May has been done.  So… how do I keep my May stuff out of my April post?  Haha. Thoughts brewing in my head about how to write this post throughout the month.


I honestly cannot remember.  But we got the patio furniture and have been spending tons of time out there.

I have also started a Reading Journal. I got the printables here and plan to write quotes and enjoyable thoughts while I am reading my books.  🙂


Still listening to 2 Knit Lit Chicks, What Should I Read Next?, and Books on the Nightstand, and enjoying their chats.

I also started using the Stitcher app because I wanted to get the podcast downloads off my phone.  With Stitcher, they have the latest episodes available for you to push play.  Then I don’t have to worry about what I have missed, I can just listen to the newest podcast.

I listened to Stuff Mom Never Told You.  It is ok.  I do not really jive with the hosts’ opinions, and I think we live in different places.  I will give it another chance, but it is on my maybe, but probably not list.

The History Chicks.  I listened to the Zelda Fitzgerald episode and really enjoyed it.  This is a long time investment, but I learned all about Zelda Fitzgerald.  And their website has more content on their topic in the post.  So that is cool!


NCIS.  Yes.  I got started binge watching the show on Netflix.  I know it is still on TV and most of the characters have changed, but the show is a good show to knit to, and in some ways their format (that rarely changes) is a bit comforting.

Grantchester.  OMG! This is a wonderful show.  If you like mysteries and the British, this is totally worth watching.  They just finished the second season on PBS; sadly I forgot to record it.  But the first season is on Amazon prime.  Oh it is so good! 🙂

Game of Thrones.  Obviously.  It is good.  And I am invested in the characters.  When the ending music starts to play, I get really sad because I want more! 🙂 I think that is the point.  Anyways.


Changing Cellular Servires SUCKS!  Just an FYI.  They are almost as bad as the DMV.

Overall, I enjoyed April.  I worked in our yard quite a bit and enjoyed the flowers left by the previous owners.  Sadly I will not have a vegetable garden, but I am working on the flower beds for now.  And I planted some herbs.  🙂


What were you up to in April?



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